Why Register Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Website?

Why Register Multiple Domain Extensions for Your Website?

Your domain name is your identification across the world wide web. It is something that defines your presence on the internet. Recognizing that the supply of domain names is narrowing quickly, getting the perfect domain name for your business website might be a challenging job. So in this article, we will discuss the reasons to register multiple domain extensions for your website.

Register Multiple Domain Extensions

While you may believe that it is enough to have barely one generic Top Level Domain (TLD), the truth is – it isn’t. Learn why you should register multiple domain extensions. 

Protect Your Business

After the initiation of the World Wide Web, everyone is racing against each other on a global scale. There are possibilities that your opponents may register domains with the same domain name but with different domain name extensions.

Register Multiple Domain Extensions

So, your rivals can compete with you with the identical domain name, but with different domain name extensions, which may deceive and distract your clients.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

If your company is targeting various countries, it is a great plan to purchase country-level TLDs like .com.us/.us (for the United States) and .com.uk/.uk (for the United Kingdom). Domains with country-specific TLDs are ranked better in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) in that country.

Improve SEO ranking

Therefore, it makes sense to get registered with various domain names and experience the boosting advantage into your primary search result and improve your website Google ranking.

Email Security

Having a separate domain extension for your official email hosting can improve your email security. This prevents spammers from getting your real official email address, assisting you to evade spam mails from being sent regularly to your mailbox and keeping you secure from phishing attacks.

Email Security - Register Multiple Domain Extensions

Increase Traffic

To compete with your rivals and protect your business identity, it is great to register multiple domain name extensions related to your business. When users visit various websites, they do not normally recognize every single domain name along with its extension unless the website is very familiar.

Increase traffic of your website

Having multiple domain names for your business that redirect traffic to your main domain name is a great method of stopping the loss of possible customers and web traffic.

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