Why Does Quality Web Hosting Matters for SEO?

Why Does Quality Web Hosting Matter for SEO?

Though most of your website traffic notice how your website looks and yes, the website design is important too but you cannot only focus on the looks of your website and forget about the back-end technicalities. The SEO and hosting also matter and they are closely interrelated. The design will give your website a good look but the right hosting will make sure you get noticed. In this article, you will learn why and how quality web hosting matter for SEO.

Web Hosting Matter for SEO

In plain words, SEO matters when it comes to getting people to notice your website. SEO involves linking, content, and many other tactics. It also includes quality hosting. In this guide, you will learn why web hosting matters while considering the SEO of your website.

Uptime and Downtime

Website Uptime and Downtime

Possibly the most critical thing to consider is how much downtime your site might experience. You need to make certain your website will be up as much as possible. Downtime not only harms your SEO, but it also destroys your conversion rates.

While some firms guarantee 99.9% uptime, it’s great to find one promising to provide you 99.99% uptime. That extra 0.09% makes a much larger difference than most people think. Top web hosting companies will always provide you at least 99.95% uptime, which is crucial in today’s fast-speed online world.

IP Address Location

IP Address Location - Web Hosting Matters for SEO

After that, you need to make certain your hosting will include a local IP Address. It is not very important to match your city, but it is important to match your country. If your IO is outside of the country, it could damage your SEO ranking.

IO location will also affect the speed of your website, which is another essential element of your hosting. You have to make sure the IP is as close as possible and ideally in your country.


Website Speed - Web Hosting Matters for SEO

A website’s page loading speed has a huge impact on your SEO ranking. You need a website that loads quickly because your competitor is tough. You cannot make people wait because they will leave.

Your hosting may provide CDN and other means to make things faster. Though, they have to have a reliable set of servers first before anything else. If the servers are not competent, your hosting won’t provide the speed you require for better ranking on search engines.


Website Security

Though it’s not one of the big SEO factors, security is still an SEO factor of your website. Using SSL certificates is always a great approach, but you have to go beyond this. The most significant concern is the chance of a hacker adding spam pages or code to your website. They could also produce all types of fraudulent backlinks, which could be a big problem.

A reliable hosting will provide you great security. You won’t have to bother almost as much about malware and other issues, which will help to protect your SEO. Just make sure you choose the best hosting provider with great security or you could be in trouble.

Customer Support

Customer Support

There’s nothing more frustrating than your site going down and not being able to get any help from support. You need powerful tech support from your hosting provider. If you don’t get satisfying support, the hosting isn’t going to help you much. Make sure your hosting company allows comprehensive support from experts and professionals. Just keep in mind the boundaries of web hosting support.

Choosing an appropriate web hosting provider can have a tremendous impact on your SEO because it’s the foundation of your website.

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