When Should You Start with a Dedicated Server?

When Should You Start with a Dedicated Server?

Either you are starting a website, planning to start an online business or just trying to increase the traffic of your website, you always wonder when you should start with a dedicated server. Although, there are many web hosting plans for your website or business such as shared, cloud, and VPS. But the dedicated server provides you the ultimate perks. So it is important to learn when you should invest in a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

As it is clear from its name that a dedicated server is a remote server that is only used by an individual or a firm and the server is not shared with any other individual or a firm. In a dedicated server, the client leases the whole server that is not used by any other person. You are the sole user of it. Being the only user of the server provides you a lot of benefits in performance and security.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Start with a Dedicated Server

Before investing in a dedicated server, it is important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for web hosting plans. So you must decide carefully when your website or online business is eligible to update to a dedicated server.

Start with a Dedicated Server

Given below are some of the parameters to consider when you plan to invest in a dedicated server.

High profile privacy

By actually isolating your server from any others at the Managed Service Provider (MSP) you choose, you have automatically reached a higher level of privacy. If you want to use the server for private information backup or to run an application that included end-users’ billing and personal data, privacy would be a fundamental element.

Privacy of your website

While a VPS hosting service is extremely reliable and does enable you to install your own security software, if another user’s mistake opens the gate to a breach, your site is at risk on the same server. However, with a dedicated server, you are not dependent on anyone; you are rather in the full power of any possible security breaches.

Configure the Server

No compromises are essential when you pick the configuration for a dedicated server. Without other clients sharing the same server, you have complete command over how you need it set up, what operating system you need to use, and what you will use the server for, be it web hosting plans, applications, or data storage.

Server configuration

Separate yourself from other users

If you use a hosting plan other than dedicated, say VPS, when other users experience a rise in website traffic, your site performance may be affected. On some VPS hosting platforms, if one website is maxing out its resources but the other websites on the VPS are not, that website will be capable to use resources (also known as a hypervisor) for greater performance. If two users of a VPS need to take on more extra resources temporarily, that’s where the dilemmas occur and website performance suffers.

Website security

MPS takes good care to guarantee that each VPS can operate as consistently as feasible. Though, with dedicated servers that are actually separate, you’re ensured to be unaffected by other users. Apart from having privacy with a dedicated server hosting solution, you also won’t be affected by other users.

High performance

If your website receives high levels of traffic, you will need to use a dedicated server to secure high performance. Besides isolating your services onto one server, a dedicated server has a more powerful performance level than a VPS hosting service.

Traffic of your website - Start with a Dedicated Server

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