What is SSD Storage and What are Its Benefits for Web Hosting?

What is SSD Storage and What are Its Benefits for Web Hosting?

The hard disk drives (HDD) are known for years as a default storage device for computer s but around in 2009, there was another big question in the computer field that what is Solid State Drive (SDD) storage? The development of SSD has transformed the computer world in terms of storing the data. But the question is what the benefits of SSD in web hosting are?

Difference between HDD and SDD

HDDs are usually linked with desktop computers. An HDD is a mechanical device that includes a spinning disc as the source for its data reading system. When that disc spins the PC is able to access and work with its data, with a faster spin, in turn, helping the computer to work faster.

Difference between HDD and SDD

The main physical difference between SSD and HDD is that SSDs contain no moving parts, which implies you don’t have to be worried about overheating or loud buzzing noises.

The biggest technical difference between SSD and HDD is the disk read speed. While an HDD at the faster end of the spectrum might be able to read data at a rate of 125MBps, a regular SSD should be competent in achieving sequential data reads at speeds greater than 500MBps. That’s a notable upgrade in disk read speed that has caused many users to move for an SSD card, as you can actually discern the advantage of having an SSD on laptops during daily use.

Benefits of SSD in Web Hosting

Benefits of SSD in Web Hosting

An increasing number of web hosting companies have shifted their data hubs from HDD to SSD, essentially because of the aforementioned characteristics of increased reliability and higher disk reading speeds. So here are some of the main benefits of SSD in web hosting:


Speed up website

The advanced disk read speed of an SSD allows users to access their data much faster on a regular basis, and that speed returns interests in the field of web hosting. SSDs can read data over four times faster than HDDs. So a website owner with a plan based on HDD technology may find that their site visitors end up jumping over to a rival with SSD hardware.


Durability - Benefits of SSD in Web Hosting

There’s never ever a suitable time for your HDD to fail, regarding the importance of the data it may contain, but web hosting companies can ill afford avoidable failures given the nature of their service. What is SSD storage’s benefit in terms of durability? While HDDs are usually reliable for 3-5 years, SSDs could possibly operate dependably for a period around four times longer.


Advantages of SSD storage

SSDs are more cost-efficient when it comes to consuming power, which empowers web hosting companies to cut down on expenses. Whether idle or working, HDDs are consuming power more fastly than SSDs. During times of inactivity, an HDD may need a power input 15 times greater than an SSD, and 7 times greater when performing tasks. By switching to SSDs, web hosting companies can decrease their costs and consequently provide more economical pricing structures for clients.

SSD allows more dependable performance, low power consumption, fast website loading speed, and much more. However, the choice of moving from HDD based web hosting to SSD based web hosting completely depends on your website and business needs.

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