What is Reselling Hosting and What are Its Benefits?

What is Reselling Hosting and What are Its Benefits?

To define reseller hosting in simple terms, it is pretty much like purchasing products or services in bulk at a cheaper cost and reselling in pieces taking out the profit margin. Reseller hosting is a type of web hosting where the purchasers buy web hosting plans in bulk from the web hosting service provider and resell the web hosting plan by dividing it into parts.

What is Reselling Hosting?

 In reseller hosting, the web hosting firm providing the reseller hosting plan is called the merchant company. You being the reseller are called the reseller host.

How to Start a Reseller Business?

How to Start a Reseller Business?

It is necessary to have your website reach the targeted audience before starting your business as a reseller.

While you purchase a reseller plan, you get a control panel that allows you to manage, setup, and operate the back-end of websites, emails, and domain management for your firm and your customers.

If you do not have expertise in setting up, managing domains, your web hosting service partner will certainly deal with everything.

How to Make Money Using Reseller Hosting?

How to Make Money Using Reseller Hosting?

You can earn money from selling SSL certificates, domain registration, website migration, technical service, etc. You can make money by selling the plan making a profit to your business and is affordable to the customers.

Benefits of Reselling Hosting

Reseller hosting is an ideal way to start a business as a web host with a basic knowledge of web hosting.

No Prior Knowledge Required

You do not need to know the web hosting technicalities before starting a reseller business. The merchant company provides technical support, server and website security, automatic back-up, and other high-end features with the reseller plan.

Focus on Business

As your merchant firm is taking responsibility for the backend and the server, you can fully concentrate on your business. You can spare no effort in growing your reseller business.

Brand Building

Many web hosting service providers give a white-labeled facility with the reseller plan. The white-labeled feature makes you stand upfront without your customer being aware of who provides them the web hosting plans.


Starting your reseller business is always affordable than starting any other business. You neither need to buy server infrastructures, software, types of tools nor need you to maintain it.

Resource Scalability

While you progress as a reseller host, you surely need further support. The reseller hosting gives you a scalability feature, allowing you to add extra server resources and storage space.

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