What is Managed Hosting and How it can Help Your Online Business?

What is Managed Hosting and How it can Help Your Online Business?

You must have heard terms like Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Managed hosting and surely you wondered what they all mean and which one is right for you. To get to know this, let it take by an example. Shared hosting is just like sharing an apartment in which your roommates affect you. VPS hosting is like buying a condo that you don’t share with your mates but still share some resources. A dedicated server is like having your own home with all facilities accessible only to you. Now, Managed hosting is like buying a house and then renting it to others in which you don’t have to take care of the little issues of the home. In this article, we will discuss what is managed hosting and how it can help your online business?

What is Managed Hosting?

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Following the above example, managed hosting is not only applicable to dedicated servers only but also VPS and shared hosting. It is like having a property manager that will take care of your problems whether you live in an apartment, condo or home. Managed hosting means the hosting provider takes care of all your server related issues. You not only rent the hardware from the hosting company, but you also pay them for managing it unlike unmanaged hosting, you have to take care of all the service and maintenance responsibilities by yourself.

Types of Managed Hosting

Normally, there are two types of managed hosting and that is fully managed and partially managed. In fully managed your hosting company is accountable for the entire administration of the server, including technical support and administration. With partially managed hosting, you will still be expected to tackle some of the administration of the server yourself.

Uses of Managed Hosting

The services generally include your web hosting settings up with the configuration of the hardware, installing software along with managing them, also takes up responsibilities of system maintenance, system monitoring, providing updates and making use of patching and offering 24/7 customer care and technical guidance.

What is Managed Hosting

Other services like backups, load balancing, vulnerability scans, disaster recovery, intrusion detection, DDoS blocking also migration can be used or subscribed to as other additional services.

How Managed Hosting can help your Online Business?

Nowadays, a large number of e-commerce websites and online businesses are running and every business is trying to trade their products and services in the digital market. For that, they have to maintain their websites to a great level. In case you are interested, check out how to start a website today?

What is Managed Hosting and How it can Help Your Online Business?

There are also different types of server management services, based on the type of hosting plan you have taken. Whilst dedicated servers, VPS and cloud hosting all have similarities in how they are managed, they also have their own particular requirements. For example, Cloud and VPS hosting both works in virtual environments whereas dedicated servers do not. These variations may change what is included in your managed package.


One of the best benefits of managed hosting is that it stops the occurrence of undesired problems. Software compatibility checks are necessary along with other protections for security assessment, monitoring the performances that support the service provider to identify problems and provide maintenance accordingly, primarily in the initial stage before it turns out to be a big failure in the network. Managed hosting proved to be of great significance especially for the online businesses and e-commerce websites who often face site requirement errors and are not equipped with in-house technical experts to resolve critical problems.

What is Managed Hosting and How it can Help Your Online Business?

Loading Speed of Website

Generally, websites that load slowly are a cause to affect the search engine ranking and clients are seen turning away. It is estimated that every additional second in time that is consumed by your page for loading is costing you an average of 7% of turnover. Out of all, some of the websites’ slow down tendency can be managed from the configuration of the website. And sometimes it can happen due to server speed.

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But, when you go for managed hosting your server is completely controlled to identify all kinds of speed and performance issues. As a consequence, your e-commerce website remains protected with the managed hosting service and assist you in loading the website in normal speed and occupy and keep your clients in your gateway.

Less Operating Cost

An online business owner already has a lot of expenses to bear. Employing in-house system administrators and a DBA to tackle server and database management is just an extra expense for the firm. It’s usually more financially worthwhile to hire the best hosting company that is already equipped with a team that has the expertise and ability to manage any server related problems.

Cost of managed hosting


E-Commerce or online businesses face the worst security threats as compared to any other sites. Some common threats are like hacking information, DDoS, ransomware, theft of data, infections, and the list goes on. Managed hosting providers are well equipped with different tools and have tons of experience dealing with server security-related issues. They regularly scan the operating system and core application to detect security vulnerabilities, which they can fix to defend the server from being attacked.

Security of you website

The server security covers various features of security like running security audits, spam filtering, virus scanning, software firewall configuration, and OS updates.


When your online business is offline, you lose clients. Managed hosting, particularly on packages where high-availability is supported by SLA, guarantees your website stays online at least 99% of the time.


The company should have the person who has the experience in running the hosting solutions from the in-house team to get a similar benefit of hosting solutions as the web hosts will provide. This means, an extra hiring cost to be added for the company expense, which could be readily overcome by simply availing the managed hosting where they provide you 24/7 technical support.

Time Efficient

In any business, time is money. As a starting business owner, the time you spending on managing servers and watching the people who maintain the servers is a time that could be better used focusing on your core business instead. While, if you are using a managed hosting service, you are saving enough time or in other words enough money.

What is Managed Hosting and How it can Help Your Online Business?

Backup Support

Lost data can be much expensive for a business. It is therefore important to have a method that frequently backs up your data, keeps it secure, and maintains its integrity. Investigation shows that small businesses can lose more than 50% of their data after a man-made or natural error occurs. With managed services, you as a business owner can have the peace of mind that your data is protected and backed up because your web hosting provider has means and systems in place to encounter such kind of issues.

What is Managed Hosting and How it can Help Your Online Business?

An Overview of Managed Hosting Services

Managed hosting is a useful tool for online businesses, particularly those that do not have the in-house proficiency to manage their own servers. It allows its customers to outsource the more technical features of managing your online business while increasing your site’s performance and safety.

Here is a complete outline for managed hosting services:

  1. Server settings: it involves the installation of the control panel (e.g. cPanel or Plesk) and operating system (e.g. Linux or Windows).
  2. Performance checking: it involves keeping an eye on the server, databases, and network.
  3. Security scanning: utilizing tools like the robust MTvScan, your system will be scanned for viruses and other malware.
  4. Application support: your hosting provider will handle the installation of supported applications and their updates.
  5. Patching: to defend your system from security breaches, your hosting company will install OS and application patches, updates and bug fixes.
  6. Troubleshooting: if you ask customer care with a server problem or if monitoring detects any issues, the technical support team will take charge of making it functional again.
  7. Hardware maintenance: all kinds of maintenance and upgradations of hardware are taken care of by the service provider.
  8. Backups: your provider will allow you the facility to backup and securely store your data so that, in the case of a crash, recovery can be done much faster.

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