What are the Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting?

What are the Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting?

Whenever you start a website, the first thing you are going to need is web hosting. There are many web hosting companies that provide different opportunities to create a website for free. Almost everyone wants to start his first internet project using free hosting but one thing should be kept in mind the drawbacks of free hosting. In this article, we will discuss the disadvantages of free web hosting.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

The free web hosting plans come with the various disadvantages for those who want to host their website for business goals. The only advantage you can get is saving some money. Here are some important drawbacks of free web hosting plans.


Normally, a free hosting plan doesn’t allow you to place your ads or add affiliate links. That’s why you can’t make money from your site. The business website owners would not like to set any ads on their website other than their own. In such cases, getting a free hosting plan will not work at all.

Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting


Free hosting providers will usually offer limited disk space or bandwidth usage, so it’s impossible to upload a lot of photos or videos. You can’t extend your site and have as many pages as you want. The bandwidth can be regarded as the number of visitors permitted on your website per month. If the limit exceeds, the website hosting is restricted by the servers, requiring you to purchase the paid web hosting plans for extended bandwidth and data transfer rate.

bandwidth usage

No Domain Name

The free hosting plans do not give a separate domain name. Rather, they only provide the subdomain upon their own domain name. It is great when clients can readily identify your brand while surfing across your website. But using free service, you don’t have your own domain, you also don’t have a marked email address.

Domain and Subdomain - Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

No Customer Support

There is no customer support service if you get technically stuck on installation or there is a need for guidance or supervision. If you get stuck, your site collapses expectantly or you require help with updates then you’re on your own. As a free service, customer support is not included.

Customer Support

Google Ranking

I think there is no point in setting up your wonderful website, with compelling content if it goes unnoticed? Google doesn’t particularly like free web hosting and does website Google ranking with paid web hosting much higher than free-hosted pages.

Google ranking - Customer Support

Excessive Pop-up Ads

Free hosting plans will usually make up the cost of providing the service for free by spamming your page with pop-ups and banner ads, they get paid every time visitors click on the ad while your visitors get frequently frustrated with these annoying popping up all over their screen. And ultimately you will lose your website traffic.

Pop-up ads

Security Threats

Free hosting plans’ terms and conditions usually give the hosting provider complete legal immunity. That means they can sell your email address, personal information, and your website address. Because of the poor security of your website, it is way more exposed to hackers. It can take a lot of time to recover your critical files and data.

Security threats - Disadvantages of Free Web Hosting

WordPress Installation

As we mentioned earlier, some services and plugins are restricted on free websites. Providers normally don’t allow you to install WordPress. It happens because their servers are incompetent in running it.

WordPress Installation

Mobile Friendly

Smartphone devices are becoming more prevalent among internet users and it is estimated that people surf the internet more on a smartphone than they do on a computer. So make sure that your website has a mobile version. Unluckily, free websites are not mobile-friendly so you can imagine the percentage of users you can lose.

Mobile Friendly Website

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