Top Things to Check on Your Website Right Now

Top Things to Check on Your Website Right Now

If you have a website, you would be familiar with all the processes of web hosting, domain name, website design, and content creation. Now you are looking at the fully running version of your website. The next thing important for a website is to check how good it is working. Is it created by keeping in mind the type of visitors you have? Here are some top things to check on your website for its credibility.

Things to Check on Your Website

How is it possible to check your website’s credibility without doing several checkups? In this article, we will tell you about top things to check on your website to ensure it is working fine.

Website Speed

Website Speed - Things to Check on Your Website

In late 2010, Google declared that the website speed will be one of the top factors that will determine the website’s Google ranking. However, Google isn’t the only reason to take measures to boost your website’s speed. People browsing your web pages just don’t have enough patience to wait around until your page loads. It will take only 3 to 5 seconds for a visitor to decide either he is going to stay on your page or not. Also, Google takes user behavior into account to determine search rankings. So you have to optimize your website to decrease load time.

Mobile Friendly

Mobile Friendly Website

A recent study shows that almost 60% of any website traffic is coming from mobile phone devices rather than desktop, so you can’t afford to design a website without keeping in mind your users from smartphones. Ideally, your website should run across all devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones of all brands and sizes. So it is important that you have a mobile-friendly website to display precisely regardless of the device used.

Make your pages pop – above the fold

Make your pages pop - above the fold

Normally, the layout of a web page is divided into two parts.

Above the fold: The phrase “above the fold” defines anything people can see shortly after they land on your web page. 100% of your visitors will look at this area as it is the area displayed on their screen without scrolling.

Below the fold: The remaining content is only seen when you scroll down.

So it is important to properly plan the content you place above the fold. Statistically speaking, this is where most visitors pay attention. Think of this as the best area of your landing page; it includes everything your potential client, customer, or subscribers’ eyes land on.

Readable Content

Readable Content

You would be familiar that the content is king and is the core of your marketing efforts. A compelling content is key to attract your visitors to stay on your website. The purpose is to create a readable and clear copy. By clear copy, we’ mean, attracting, proofreading, without errors, odd typefaces, or poor formatting. Mistakes always deliver a poor impression on your website. Take some time out to check everything on your site for accuracy and precision.

Provide Search Bar

Search Bar - Things to Check on Your Website

A search bar is the best tool for providing your visitors a way to find their desired content and it is an important design strategy. Users search for keywords, products, or phrases to immediately find content without having to navigate your website structure. For larger and more complex websites, it is more important to provide a search option tool.


Website Security - Things to Check on Your Website

How secure is your website? This is one of the most important concerns for every website visitor especially if you have an e-commerce website. People usually concentrate on user-facing components such as website design, content, and SEO and underestimate the importance of security. When you are starting a website, you should put some basic security checks in place. Check out some best SSL certificates for your website for ultimate security.

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