Tips for Using WordPress Shortcodes

Tips for Using WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes are a helpful tool but frequently neglected for adding a number of specific features to any WordPress website. These autonomous pieces of code can be embedded into any post, page, or widget on your site to include compelling features like galleries, videos, or content from external sources. Shortcodes are simple to use, and you can even build your own without any big knowledge about coding. But you should keep these things in mind while using WordPress shortcodes.

WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes are small snippets of ready-to-use code intended to perform a particular function, such as displaying recent posts or adding a specific article like a gallery or video on a WordPress site. Because a shortcode isn’t part of a WordPress plugin or theme, it can be embedded right into any page or post using the WordPress text editor in either Visual or Text mode. Shortcodes can also be added to any widget area on your site using the text widget option.

How to use WordPress Shortcodes?

Shortcodes can work with plugins and themes to customize your WordPress site even more – and there’s a proper way to use shortcodes to add just about any feature you need and here are some useful tips to use them precisely.

Don’t overuse shortcodes

Tips for Using WordPress Shortcodes

Although shortcodes in WordPress are a prompt and accessible approach for anyone to add a variety of stories to pages, posts, and other elements of a site, it’s intelligent to keep them to the least. Shortcodes are typically inserted manually to chosen areas of a site, so tracking and updating a large number of them can take time. So it’s better to not overuse shortcodes.

Keep a record of installed shortcodes

Shortcodes Finde - Plugins for shortcodes

If your website does use a large number of shortcodes, it can be difficult to track them all down for updating or replacement; but there’s a plugin for that. Shortcodes Finder from enables you to find every shortcode installed anywhere on your WordPress site and displays the shortcode’s content with choices to remove it if needed.

Start With WordPress Default Shortcodes

How to use WordPress Default Shortcodes?

Depending on the character of your website, you may be capable to insert all the features you want with the primary shortcodes available right inside your WordPress site. These easy shortcodes are created to include images, audio, video, and other generally used elements fast and comfortably into your site’s text editors.

Check shortcodes after website update

WordPress Shortcodes

WordPress regularly carries updates for its themes and plugins, and it’s necessary to install them when available. Because shortcodes are placed in your page, post, and widget text editors, they won’t be automatically updated too. So if your website is updated or your theme changes, it’s essential to review your shortcodes to see if the content created by the shortcode still displays accurately. If not, you may need to remove the shortcode and reinstall a modern version.

Install shortcode plugin

Shortcodes Ultimate

Several WordPress plugins are available for inserting and customizing more than 50 different shortcodes to your site. Plugins like Shortcodes Ultimate enable you to look for shortcodes that have distinct purposes or create new ones of your own.

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