The Best CDN Providers in 2020 to Speed up Your Website

The Best CDN Providers in 2020 to Speed up Your Website

In one of our previous articles, we gave detailed information about what is CDN and how does it speed up a website. Content Delivery Network (CDN) simply caches the content from your website on several servers in various geographical areas. It delivers the content to your website traffic through a server that is nearest to them. Here are the best CDN providers in 2020 if you want to speed up your website.

Best CDN Providers in 2020

With the help of CDN providers, either your visitors come from America, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else, content is automatically delivered from the closest possible region for the fastest possible speeds. Given below are the best CDN providers in 2020.


StackPath - Best CDN Providers

Stackpath, previously known as MaxCDN is one of the top CDN providers as their servers are precisely located over 90 different countries across the globe. The SSD loaded servers are capable to present the best image acceleration and page loading speed that improves the overall performance of a website.

It comes with real-time analytics, custom EdgeRules, segmented downloads option, serverless scripting features, and also protects your website from DDoS attacks. With their basic plan, you can enjoy up to 1 TB of monthly bandwidth.


Its pricing starts from $20 per month. You can also enjoy the service free of cost for the first month.


Cloudflare CDN

Cloudflare is an outstanding web administration and security service. It has the largest cloud network platform with 180 data centers throughout the globe and has been protecting over 16 million domains. You can use it to speed up your web pages, mobile applications, and APIs.

It allows a free plugin and amazingly enhances the performance of WordPress sites with minimum configuration. It also protects your website from DDoS attacks and unwanted content.


Cloudflare also provides a free plan with limited features. If you need extra features, then you’ll have to upgrade to their premium plan starting from $20 per month.


Key CDN - Best CDN Providers

KeyCDN is another top CDN provider to boost up your website. They have a compelling system of servers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.

The best part of this provider is that it is easy to set up on many popular platforms, including WordPress. Plans include DDoS protection, free and custom SSL, HTTP/2 support, Restful API support, SSD servers, and a dominant control panel.


It has a pay-as-you-go system and costs on the usage that also varies in different regions. KeyCDN offers a 30-day free trial.


Akamai - Top CDN providers

One of the oldest and well-known providers, Akamai gives an all-embracing CDN service, and according to the firm they serve up to 30% of all internet traffic. Being one of the earliest providers their server coverage is effective with around 275,000 servers in over 135 countries.

Akamai also gives great 24/7 customer support. Not only that, but there is a dedicated hotline you can call when your website is under a DDoS attack.


There are no exclusive prices given on their website. It means you have to contact them to get a quote.

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront

Amazon CloudFront works with all the Amazon Web Services and delivers content, applications, and APIs at the lowest possible latency and higher possible transfer speeds. It gives high availability and scalability over 21 countries through 77 edge locations and 11 regional edge cache locations that support in managing high-cache hit ratios.

It also permits you to use your own domain name and SSL certificates at no extra charges and presents a fully protected environment to host any website.


This service works on a pay-as-you-go system and charges only for the service you use. With AWS, you’ll also enjoy free trials for a short-term period.


CacheFly - Best CDN Providers

Cachefly provides a comprehensive range of CDN services and outstanding performance with low error rates. This makes it among the powerful CDN vendors. It has 40 different servers over the globe and each server is extremely competent in delivering the rich media content closer to their nearest users.

It allows an easy-to-understand interface, so you can handle everything efficiently. They also allow security features including DDoS and malware protection to defend your website from hackers.


The starting price for small business plans is $245 per month paid annually. On a prepay, you’ll also get 2 months of free service.

Google Cloud CDN

Google Cloud CDN

We will conclude this list with the Google Cloud CDN which is a low-cost content delivery network service. With 90 servers around the world, it has the fastest content delivery to your traffic on any location. It allows quick page loading and improves user engagement on your website. Google Cloud CDN gives a single IP address to all your users and requires no local DNS.

It comes with free SSL to make your website protected. It’s supported by Google Cloud Platform and you can enable CDN with a single checkbox.


You have to sign up for the Google Cloud Platform to use the CDN services. The cost for Google Cloud Platform depends on your usage.

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