Sucuri vs Wordfence - Which One is Better?

Sucuri vs Wordfence – Which One is Better?

Whenever you think of choosing the best security plugin for your WordPress website, there are two most popular options for you. Sucuri vs Wordfence. Both are extremely recommended by professionals and IT experts that will give ultimate security to your WordPress website. So sometimes, it is difficult for us to choose which one is better. In this article, we will make your decision easy.

Sucuri vs Wordfence

Though Sucuri and Wordfence are both powerful tools, they still have some pros and cons and here we compare Sucuri vs WordPress to know which one is better for overall WordPress security.

Sucuri vs Wordfence

As a website owner, you need to pick a security plugin that not only defends your website but does it precisely. You would also want something that needs little maintenance, so you can concentrate on expanding your business.

Finally, you need to choose a security plugin that is simple to use and does not lack technical skills to setup/maintain.


Ease of use

Sucuri allows a cleaner user interface with no additional prompts popping up on the screen. It also organizes a fast scan upon activation, and you will notice notifications on the plugin’s dashboard.

Sucuri - WordPress protection

Sucuri’s website application firewall (WAF) is a cloud-based firewall which means it does not run on your server. In plain words, no technical support needed from your side.

You will need to add your API key and configure DNS settings for your domain name. This will enable the firewall to detect malicious traffic before it even reaches your WordPress hosting server.

Once set up, you will not need to bother about updating or maintaining it again.

Website Application Firewall (WAF)

Sucuri allows a cloud-based website application firewall, which means that it prevents unwanted traffic even before it enters your hosting server.

Sucuri Firewall

This preserves you a lot of server resources and directly improves your website speed. Sucuri’s CDN servers are located in various regions which is another edge for website speed.

To use the firewall, you will need to change your domain name’s DNS settings. This change would accommodate all your website traffic to go through Sucuri’s servers.

Security Monitoring and Notification

Sucuri further displays important notifications on your dashboard. The top right corner of the screen is dedicated to presenting the status of core WordPress files.

WordPress security plugin

Sucuri comes with a comprehensive alert management system. Simply visit the Sucuri Security » Settings page and switch to the Alerts tab. You can add email addresses that you desire to be notified. After that, you can further customize email alerts.

Malware Scanner

Sucuri Malware scanner uses Sucuri’s Sitecheck API. This API automatically monitors your site against various safe-browsing APIs to guarantee that your website is not denounced.


It automatically verifies the integrity of your core WordPress files to make sure that they are not restrained.

Site Cleanup

All paid Sucuri plans include website cleanup service. This comes with site cleanup, blacklist removal, SEO spam repair, and WAF security for future prevention.

Sucuri Site Cleanup


Ease of Use

Setting up Wordfence is pretty simple. Shortly after installing the plugin, it will ask you to provide an email address where you would like to get security warnings. You would also need to agree with their Terms of service.

Wordfence Dashboard

After that, you will notice an onboarding wizard that will assist you to become intimate with the Wordfence dashboard. It points out where you’ll view security notifications and scans.

Website Application Firewall

Wordfence allows a website application firewall that controls and prevents unwanted website traffic. This is an application-level firewall, which indicates that it operates on your server and is less capable than a cloud-based firewall.

Wordfence Web Application Firewall

By default, Wordfence turns it on with the basic mode. This suggests the firewall operates like a WordPress plugin, so ere an attack can be blocked, WordPress has to load. This can take up a lot of server resources, and it’s not effective.

To improve that, you will need to manually set up the Wordfence firewall in the extended mode. This will provide Wordfence firewall to control traffic before it arrives your WordPress installation

Monitoring and Alerts

Wordfence has an outstanding notification and warnings system. First, notifications will be highlighted next to the Wordfence menu in the WordPress admin sidebar and dashboard.

Sucuri vs Wordfence

Wordfence also comes with prompt notifications via email. To configure email alerts, go to Wordfence » All Options page and scroll down to the ‘Email Alert Preferences’ section.

Malware and Scanner

Wordfence also comes with a robust scanner that is extremely customizable to satisfy your hosting situation and security matters. By default, the scan is equipped with insufficient scan settings.

Wordfence WordPress security - Sucuri vs Wordfence

For the free version, Wordfence automatically determines a scan schedule for your site. Premium version users can pick their own scan schedule.

Site Cleanup

The Wordfence site cleanup option does not come with its free or premium plans. It is sold individually as an add-on service. Site cleanup will also provide you a premium Wordfence license for one website.

Wordfence Site Cleanup

The malware cleanup process is rather simple. They will scan your website for malware/viruses, and then clean up all affected files.


Both Wordfence and Sucuri are excellent WordPress security plugins. However, we believe that Sucuri is the best WordPress security plugin overall.

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