Some Simple Tricks for Local Business to Get More Website Traffic

Some Simple Tricks for Local Business to Get More Website Traffic

Having a website or blog for your growing local business is one of the best things you can do to promote your business. Not only is it affordable and easy to start a website, but it’s also one of the best methods to get clients. Some latest stats reveal that most Americans prefer to shop online, but websites aren’t just useful for eCommerce stores. Websites are also necessary when it comes to managing local businesses to your specific location. So in this article, we will discuss how you can get more website traffic for your local business.

Get More Website Traffic

A website will advertise your business, but to get the most out of your website, you must do certain important things to boost your online visibility. Here are five effective ways you can get more website traffic.

Optimize your website for local search

Optimize your website for local search

It is found that almost half of all searches on Google are local. This suggests people using Google are trying to find a product or service in their local area. Furthermore, 88% of local business searches via a mobile device will call or visit the company within 24 hours.

To maintain your Google business, begin with going to and follow the steps to make a Google account for your business. Once you have a Google business listing, local searchers will be able to readily get your business details.

Try Paid Ads on Google

Google Ads

A study found that one in ten SMBs doesn’t spend on any type of digital marketing. This indicates if you do invest in digital marketing—like paid search—you’re one step ahead of your competitor businesses when it comes to driving traffic to your website.

As a brief outline, paid ads take the topmost positions on the Google search engine results page (SERPs), and searchers understand it’s an endorsement because Google assigns a short text reading “ad” before the search headline.

Rather than relying on search engine optimization (SEO), SMBs can invest in Google Ads advertisement, and the top bidder is rewarded with the highest-paid listing slot.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Get More Website Traffic

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools growing businesses use to attract clients. It makes sense that email marketing would be such a powerful option, considering email subscribers are amongst the most reliable supporters, and a majority of customers say permission-based email is the favored method for you to interact with them. Email marketing also has the highest ROI out of any other digital marketing tactics.

Though, email marketing is most efficient when used to direct traffic to your website. Some recommended methods you can use email to get clients to your website include:

  • Adding a specific promotion or discount that redirects traffic to your website
  • Giving an email link to free content (e.g., eBook, guide, etc.) on your website
  • Sending a support discount code
  • And more

Find influencer to promote your brand

Find influencer to promote your brand

Surprisingly, most of the people purchase a product, visit a website, or participated in a donation because their favorite Instagram influencer or YouTube star suggested it to them.

A recent study revealed that almost 70% of teens trust influencers more than celebrities, 86% of women use social media for getting advice, and 49% of customers rely on influencer recommendations.

If there is an influencer that you know likes your business, try asking them or even paying them to make an ad for your website.

Optimize your website for SEO

Optimize your website for SEO

Last but not least. Optimize your website for SEO. The first step in building a website that Google will love is to keep in mind that it fulfills all the SEO requirements. Though paid search will indeed assist you to get an instant increase in traffic to your website, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies will give long-term and continuous traffic opportunities.

The good thing is you don’t need to have prior SEO knowledge to make sure you’re taking care of all the websites and blog post optimization rules. There are many resources as well as plugins like Yoast SEO, which will help you with the SEO process every time you create a post.

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