Simple Tips for Making a Mobile-Friendly Website

Simple Tips for Making a Mobile-Friendly Website

Before starting with making a mobile-friendly website, let’s try to understand why it is so important. According to Alexa ranking, more than 80 percent of the web traffic uses smartphones to visit the top websites. People love to browse on the internet via a smartphone that is handy to operate rather than using bulky computers. So one thing is clear, no one will like to lose his 80 percent of traffic just because they browse on the smartphones. So here are some useful tips for a mobile-friendly website.

Useful Tips for a Mobile-friendly Website

Having a mobile-friendly website means that it’s easy to read the text, click on the links, navigate through the site, and use the content on a mobile phone.

Useful Tips for a Mobile-friendly Website

Use a responsive theme

If you want to know how to make a website responsive on mobile, the process might be easy if it is a low-traffic site or a new website. You can quickly change your theme to a modern active theme.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to “appearance,” and then “themes,” and then “install themes.” Once you reach there, you can type “responsive” into the search bar to view all the responsive themes. There are a lot of both free and premium themes you can pick from for your WordPress website.

Useful Tips for a Mobile-friendly Website

Once you have chosen the one that goes most suitable for the design of your site, install it, and there you go. You have completed the first steps towards designing a mobile-friendly site. Check out the best SEO WordPress themes.

Make menu simple

As we all know that the size of a website page on a mobile phone is much more petite than a desktop page, you must keep this in your mind when you are making your website.

To build a mobile website from an existing website, try to eliminate the fuzz of your website, and only add the necessary navigational tools.

Make a simple menu for your website

Every choice should be capable to fit straight on the screen and have a fair navigational control. 

Use a simple design

The best mobile-friendly website design is more manageable than it might be on the desktop version. When objects are too big, it becomes too difficult to load on the mobile device without going super slow.

Mobile friendly website designs

Simple designs are more useful because it serves to keep the consideration extent of any mobile visitor that might come to your website. You need to keep everything convenient for them and in a nice, expert design.

Add search bar

This is an extra design element to consider while making your website more mobile-friendly. If you are facing any difficulties in cutting your mobile menu, introduce a search bar to get this done.

Add search bar - Tips for a Mobile-friendly Website

Having a search option can overcome that insufficiency to have a large menu, and can assist your visitors to find what they want on your website in just no time.

Use big buttons

Websites that are optimized for smartphones will make it accessible to browse the web pages using a finger or thumb. You need to ensure that there is sufficient space between buttons or form boxes to ensure that someone doesn’t face any difficulty to click on the desired button.

Use big buttons for your mobile website

Nothing is more frustrating to a visitor than being unable to click on the desired button, so by designing the buttons bigger, it will give a more satisfying user experience to your website traffic.

Optimize images

One of the most important things you should consider to review a website on a mobile phone is the image size. You need the images to be as compressed as feasible without compensating on image quality.

Image optimization

The reason you need to decrease the image size is that the bandwidth on mobile phones is much less than desktop computers, which implies that those images will require much longer to load.

Don’t block CSS, Javascript or image files

The last tip to make your website compatible with smartphones is to make sure that when you are using Java, you aren’t blocking the CSS or Image files.

Don't block Javascript and CSS for mobile-friendly websites

To make mobile-friendly websites, the CSS and image files should be used with software and coding that is universally acceptable. 

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