Extra Services Provided by Web Hosting Companies Other Than Just Hosting

Services of Web Hosting Companies Other Than Just Hosting

Nowadays, many companies are growing their business and trying to include a large variety of products and services in their attributes. Similarly, there are also many extra services of web hosting companies other than just web hosting that allows their clients to enjoy greater perks. So now, the customers have access to a large number of services under one platform and they can access everything that it takes to create and maintain their blogs and websites.

Services of Web Hosting Companies

The other related services provided by web hosting companies allow individuals and businesses to make their website accessible via the internet by one-stop-shop services provided by these hosting companies.

Website Builder

Website builders are normally not a paid service but it’s something deserving to include in the list. Many hosting providers now offer clear and advanced website builders that enable clients to instantly create a website directly after purchasing a web hosting plan. Many need to make their sites as soon as possible with minimum requirements to learn the technicalities.

Website Builder

Web hosting providers acknowledge this, that’s why most of them are now offering website builders. They allow customers to build their professional-looking websites for free, and in turn, offer to provide the best web hosting plan (for a fee) for the website.

Web Designing

Web designing is separate from website builders. There are many web hosting companies that present expert-level web hosting services. These web design services are normally meant for those who are availing of a web hosting plan and want a design upgrade. Their websites may have to be improved to take account of modern technologies or the new features of the web hosting bundle.

Web Designing - Services Provided by Web Hosting Companies

Usually, it is worthwhile to use the website design services of a web host because they possibly have already expertized how to optimize a site’s design for the hosting they offer. They can give guidance on what to do and what not to do to ensure that the final website works at its best.

Domain Name Registration

Domain name registration is one of the most advanced similar services web hosts have been offering. There have been many firms that confidently bundle domain names with their web hosting packages.

Domain Name Registration

However, some provide the service individually. Most of them practice in domain names for their particular country or region. A web host based in the UK, for instance, offers .uk and .london domain names.

SSL Certificates

A large number of web hosting providers help website owners to secure the website through SSL certificates. These web hosts are not the ones giving these certificates. They just assist to get them the best SSL certificates from trusted providers. Having an SSL certificate indicates the encryption of sensitive data on a website. This is especially significant for sites that take user registrations, e-commerce sites or online stores.

SSL Certificates - Services Provided by Web Hosting Companies

SSL certificates may be granted in several ways. It could be basic entry-level website protection, security that includes all sites and sub-domains, or security designed for businesses. It’s also worth remarking that there are cases that SSL encryption can help increase Google search ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The duty of web hosts isn’t simply set a website up and working. Some of them are also experienced in search engine optimization (SEO). After presenting the solutions to create and manage a blog or website, they also offer services to make certain that the site is contentious in terms of being searched using certain keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has several aspects. It’s not merely about optimizing the content with the addition and insertion of specific keywords. Optimization methods are also performed in the design of a site.

Online Marketing

In general, there aren’t many web hosting providers that offer online marketing solutions; you shouldn’t be surprised to find some that support their hosting customers in promoting their websites. After providing everything needed to start a website, they also give services to promote the reputation, recognition, and prevalence of a site.

Online Marketing

This can involve something as easy as email marketing or a full-fledged website marketing plan that involves SEO and social media marketing.

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