There are some requests that we’ve seen come up with time and again, so to speed things up,
we made them available to request for a flat-fee.

Just choose your service, provide the requested information and wait for confirmation that the job is complete.

WordPress Child Theme Development

Using child themes is a good development practice. A child theme lets you modify a parent theme as much (or as little) as you want. You can then change the child theme without impacting the parent theme.

Using WordPress child themes to modify the theme is one of the safest and recommended way. Your changes will not be deleted if your parent theme gets updated. Another benefit of using child theme is if your child theme modification creates issue you can always deactivate the child and revert back to parent theme.

We’ll build a child theme for you so that you have a safe way to make changes to your site.

$200 USD ($280 AUD)

Caching and Speed Improvements

WordPress is pretty quick out of the box, but by the time that we bog it down with plugins, bloat and expensive database queries, it can really drag.

Our WordPress experts know what to look for to make your WordPress site quicker. We’ll check your whole setup and will make obvious improvements and provide a list of recommendations for things that might need some more consideration, or more effort to implement.

At the end of it all, your site will be moving as quickly as it can, and your visitors will be thanking you for it.

$200 USD ($280 AUD)

Convert Site to Responsive Design

If you have a fixed, old layout website which is not ready for mobile devices like smartphones, tablets etc., we can convert your existing entire website to responsive modern design where your website will look good on all devices.

We accept orders for any of below situation.

1- You like your website’s design and don’t want to change it. You just want it to be responsive.

2- You have an old, fixed layout, outdated website. The content will remain the same but you want a modern responsive design.

3- You have been using a WordPress theme but it is not responsive. You don’t want to change the theme but want it to be responsive.

$350 USD ($495 AUD)

Configure HTTPS

If you’re handling any sort of private or personal information on your site, it’s a given that you need to be running over HTTP/SSL to protect that information.

Google has indicated that sites over HTTPS will rank higher than sites over HTTP, and is changing the design of their browser Chrome to specifically highlight sites running over HTTP as “Not Secure”.

With this service, we’ll procure a SSL certificate for you, install it on your hosting account and modify all of your URLs to point to your new secure URLs.

$100 USD ($140 AUD)

Security Assessment

With a security assessment, our WordPress experts will take a look at how your site is configured, making corrections to close security loopholes and notify you about other recommendations that will help your site to be more secure to avoid the calamity of a hacked website.

$100 USD ($140 AUD)

Website Audit

With our WordPress experts spending a few hours on your website, picking apart what everything does, we can help get your site back in order, identifying out-of-date, redundant and duplicate plugins, and giving you a list of recommendations for how you might want to fix, update and improve your website, to allow your website to attract more visitors and convert more customers.

$250 USD ($350 AUD)

Transfer Website to New Host

If you need to move your website from one hosting company/account to another, this service will conduct all of it for you. We’ll get everything moved over smoothly and without loss of service.

$150 USD ($210 AUD)

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