How to Transfer a Domain Name Easily and Safely?

How to Transfer a Domain Name Easily and Safely?

A domain name transfer is a process of transferring your domain from one domain registrar to another. When you intend to do so, there are some important steps to take care of before this. The domain transfer normally takes several days to complete as all the parties concerned have to approve it. Here is a simple and safe process of how to transfer a domain name.

Once you are determined to transfer your domain for all the good reasons like you are not happy with the features your current registrar is providing. Also, there are many other factors to transfer your domain name to a best registrar that will offer you better services at cheap prices and strong customer support.

Also keep in mind that once the process of transferring a domain name is initiated, it won’t be feasible to update the domain’s nameservers. If you require making any DNS changes, make it certain that you make all the changes before the transfer starts. Otherwise, you will only be able to do so after the completion of the transfer.

How to Transfer a Domain Name?

How to Transfer a Domain Name?

Till now, you would have a little bit of idea what exactly a domain transfer is and why do you need it. So now we will discuss the step by step process of how to transfer a domain name.

Ensure You Haven’t Transferred Recently

As per terms of the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the body that governs the addresses on the internet, you cannot transfer your domain name if it was designed or transferred within the last 60 days.

Transfer domain name to new registrar

Update Your Contact Info

You will be contacted by both of the registrars, the old and the new one during the transfer process. They will use the contact details that are registered to your domain. You can renew your contact information from your current registrar’s domain control panel.

Update Your Contact Info when transferring a domain

In case you don’t know who your current registrar is, you can find this out by doing a WHOIS search on your domain.

Make Extra Email Account

Normally, people use an email service that is bound to their domain. During the process of domain transfer, there is a big probability that you may lose access to your email service that is bounded to your domain name. Make sure that you have an extra email account, like Gmail or Yahoo account so that you can use this as a subsequent means of communication.

Make Extra Email Account while transferring domain name

Also, make sure that this new mail account is set as a contact email in your domain registration information.

Request for a Domain Unlock

This step differs depending upon the terms and conditions of your current registrar. But normally, you can unlock your domain name from the domain section of your domain control panel. Make this request to your current domain registrar.

Request for a Domain Unlock

Request for Authorization Code

Every domain registrar must provide you with the authorization code within five days of your inquiry. Some registrars enable you to make your code in the control panel, while others will send it to you via email. You can usually inquire about the code from the same segment of the control panel that you used to unlock your domain. You will need this code to transfer your domain.

Request for Authorization Code for domain name transfer

Read the Instructions of New Registrar

The exact method of transferring your domain will change depending on which setting you are transferring to. Just be assured that you understand the directions for transferring listed on the new registrar’s assistance pages for accurate guidance.

transfer a domain name

Go to Transfer Page for New Registrar

You will need to create an account with the registrar before you can access this page. You can normally see the Transfer Domain segment in the control panel for your new registrar, or you may be provided with the choice to begin the process when you create your account.

Register a new domain name

If you don’t find any option available on the website, you can contact the registrar’s customer support team.

Enter Your New Domain

Make it certain to enter the TLD (.com, .net, .org, etc.). You may be able to transfer multiple domains at once. Normally, you don’t have to add the (www.) part of the address. After that, enter authorization code when you are asked that you got from your old registrar. Make sure that you enter the code correctly. Then verify the authorization of transfer. You will be reached by your old registrar asking if you allow the transfer. You will be either emailed or called, using the contact details you have provided to your old registrar. This is where having accurate contact details is necessary.

And last, pay the transfer fee. Normally, you will require paying for your domain to be transferred. Some settings need that you automatically renew for an extra year when you transfer. Nowadays, all the registrars have the best payment gateways so that you can buy services with ease and security.

Wait for the New Settings

Your new registrar will configure DNS and name servers for you once the transfer process has been approved. After the transfer has been set up by the new registrar, it can take up to some days for your DNS changes to be identified worldwide. Your website should still be accessible and live on the internet.

Decide If You Need Domain Privacy

Some registrars provide you with an option of domain privacy. This option conceals your registration information that is publicly available on the WHOIS search. This service also hides your name, phone number, address, and email address. Instead, the registrar’s information will be displayed.

Importance of Domain Name Privacy

Cancel Your Old Services

Once the transfer is finished, you can cancel your services with your old registrar. Just make sure that the transfer was completely successful before doing so.

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