How to Optimize Product Images of Your Online Store Properly?

How to Optimize Product Images of Your Online Store Properly?

Product images are the most important part of any online store or an e-commerce website. In short, product images can make or break your online business. It is of no use if you hire the best designer in the world to create a compelling design, but when images are not proper, sales will be poor. Because it’s the very first thing a customer notices. In this article, we’ll discuss how to optimize product images properly and the things you need to consider when adding product images to your online store.

Optimize Product Images

It has been seen that online customer values high-quality product images. Clients trust reliable online shops to have access to view or experience the goods online. They aspire to see the goods in all possible colors and from all different perspectives. Online customers can’t touch the product so they are confined to learn everything they need from your description, images, and videos. So, they need to be of good quality.

Now the question is how to do that. Here are some tips to optimize product images of your e-commerce store properly for a better impression and more sales.

Quality of your product images

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It seems so understandable to use high-quality images. But we have previously told you to reduce the file size for better SEO worth. First of all, that doesn’t mean you have to use a poor, blurred image of just a few KBS. There are many tools that can reduce the size of the image without affecting the image quality. Furthermore, browsers can now work with several new image formats (like WebP) that produce drastically more reliable quality images at a smaller size. So use good quality images for a good result.

Ability to zoom

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We all prefer to zoom in to a product to see it properly and want to be able to take a closer look at detailed features. That’s what zooming product images are for. But, it’s so irritating when the zoomed image is exactly the same size. It is noticed that many online stores simply import product images from manufacturers (or even download them from other stores that sell the same product) without examining the image first. This destroys the user experience. If there is no suitable product image available, create one with the ability to zoom. You can do this with your own smartphones

Show products in all available colors

Optimize Product Images

The world has revolutionized. Now, you can buy your products in many, many colors. That means you need people to show all the different color choices in the same way as your ‘main’ color variant. Particularly for goods that consist of one primary and a few other colors, this goes really great. Consumers trust reliable online stores that provide a way to view or experience the product online. They crave to view the stock in all available colors and then make a choice.

Provide alternate views of the product

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Every customer wants to take a look at the product from every possible angle before adding it to the cart. People like to view the products from different directions to make sure that the product suits their needs and is in good shape and design. Provide the product image from every possible detail to increase the credibility of the product and to build trust with customers.

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