How to Get on Your Facebook Audience’s News Feed without Paying for Ads

How to Get on Your Facebook Audience’s News Feed without Paying for Ads

It used to be easy to get on your Facebook audience’s news feed as they were your followers but all of this changed a sudden when the Facebook introduced Boost Post option. Now if you want to get noticed by the people on Facebook, you have to pay a little sum of money. However, even after paying, it is difficult to get a true audience. So in this article, we will discuss the easy tricks to get on Facebook Audience’s news feed without spending a penny.

Get on Facebook Audience’s News Feed

If you have 500-1000 or more followers just waiting for your new post, this article could really help you to gather people and get them talking about your brand!

Create a Facebook Group

Create a Facebook Group

Groups are the source of discussion and new audience; they are the new Pages, but why? It’s easy really. Groups are a place where you have to be invited or actually allow in, while Pages are accessible to anyone. That one single distinct feature can make people think of belonging and association with others. It probably doesn’t bother that Facebook advertises Groups these days.

Post Relevant Questions on your Group/Page

Facebook questions - Get on Facebook Audience’s News Feed

Once you’ve created your new Group or have an old Page, it’ll be fascinating to link blast but DON’T. Recall the inquiries on your readers’ minds and ask them. The more engaging and concerning the question, the more possible you’ll get a response. The solution is also not to get down if you get zero response. It often requires many posts to get people’s consideration and break down that common irresponsive habit we almost all have when we’re online.

Create Banners with regular themes

Facebook Banners

Now is the best time to break the monotony and bring a huge difference and create some engaging promotional content around your brand. Things like “WordPress Wednesdays” which is a weekly topic on the WPBeginner Group are marvelous for drawing people together each week. You can utilize the same banners each time too to get yourself noticed on social media.

Use Polls

Polls - Get on Facebook Audience’s News Feed

Comparatively easy enough now, you can use Facebook’s built-in polls or any number of apps to ask questions and poll groups for the response and getting attention. Try to put up questions where people will be astonished about the answers, and perhaps even think a little personal association in the matter. In the above image, “Who’s your favorite musical legend?” is the question that urges more people to share their ideas and opinions thus drawing more and more people.

Go Live

Facebook Live

Last but not least. Though it might sound a little confusing and nervous to go live because everyone thinks he is not looking good in the camera, but in reality, it’s a fun and powerful action to get more attention and response. Try going live during significant national celebrations or major personal events and use hashtags. Possibly it’s Thanksgiving and you need to thank your followers for enabling you to work through social media and blogging. Just being a part of these significant events confers your followers you take care of them and you’re considering them and gives you the platform for some time.

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