How to Find Out Who the Domain Name Owner Is?

How to Find Out Who the Domain Name Owner Is?

The very first step to start a website is to choose the best domain name. After that, you will need the best hosting company to provide you the best hosting plan. However, sometimes it is difficult to find a best domain name and ultimately if you find one, you get to know that it’s already been taken. But still you can contact that domain name owner and ask him if he is willing to sell it. So in this article, we will discuss how to find the domain name owner.

Find the Domain Name Owner

Many people buy domains without actually using them. If you are interested in a domain that’s registered, but the site is blank or has a landing page rendered by a hosting provider, then there’s a great possibility the domain is available for buying.

Find the Domain Name Owner

While in some cases, you’ll be able to buy the website completely, even if it’s already built-out.

Possibly the owner chose to focus his attention on other schemes and designs and hasn’t updated the website in quite some time. In this scenario, you should be mentally ready to spend a higher domain price, but in case the traffic levels are low the amount shouldn’t be sky-touching.

Find out the owner of domain name

Coming to the point, finding a domain name owner’s information isn’t that complicated. To do this, you just need to go to a website called WHOIS. This domain lookup site typically answers the question: Who owns a certain domain name or IP address?

It is a universal rule that whenever someone registers a domain name he must provide appropriate contact details.

To perform a domain lookup and find out the domain name, navigate to the site WHOIS, and enter the domain name you’d like to know about.

WHOIS Domain Lookup

If the domain owner isn’t using a proxy or domain privacy service to protect their information, you’ll be provided with the relevant contact details.

Normally, you’ll find information like:

  • Where they registered their domain?
  • The owner’s email address and phone number
  • The domain expiration date
  • When the domain was registered

You can also find out further details about the IP address as well, but the above-mentioned details will be sufficient for you.

WHOIS lookup

By using the WHOIS database domain lookup service you’ll be able to find out when a domain is about to expire. Now you can contact the domain owner and put up your offer to buy that domain name. You can also transfer the domain name to your favorite hosting provider.

What to do after that?

If you’re positive in putting up a proposal for the domain name, then you have some different options available.

Find the Domain Name Owner

The first is reaching out to the owner via email and showing your interest in purchasing the domain name.

The second option is to use a domain name broker who will take care of the agreement and transfer process for you. There are some services like Sedo, which will manage the whole process on your behalf for a fee.

And last, there are many cases in which the domain owner’s details are private or hidden, the best option for you, in this case, is to get in touch through the website’s contact form.

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