How to Determine If You Have Outgrown Your Web Hosting?

How to Determine If You Have Outgrown Your Web Hosting?

Nowadays, web hosting services are just like everyday products as you just choose the amount of disk space and bandwidth you need and you are all good to go. It is noted that very few people stay with the same hosting plan throughout their business. Your business can similarly outgrow the web hosting package as a child outgrows a pair of a shoe or shirt. This article will help you to determine outgrown web hosting.

Determine Outgrown Web Hosting

So here are some signs you need to take into consideration that will assist you to find out outgrown web hosting and either it is helping your business or taking it back.

How to Determine Outgrown Web Hosting?

Website Loading Speed

A website load speed is crucial for many reasons. Essentially, because websites with fast loading speed allow a better user experience than slow ones. Put simply, people avoid waiting for a page to load and this is one of the reasons Google considers this as a factor to determine website Google ranking.

Website Loading Speed

A slow website can be as much of a revenue killer as one that does not work at all. If during the website speed test, you see that your site is not responding as promptly as it should, this could be a clue that your current hosting plan cannot keep up with your traffic requirements.

Continuous Security Breaches

Has your website’s security been compromised? Digital security is critical to your clients, your reliability and your bottom line. If you are falling prey to security breaks, your web hosting service may be to condemn.

Importance of website security

There are many sorts of hacking that put your site and its users at risk which is why online security is indispensable. Besides your web hosting packages, you should also consider the best SSL certificates for your website for ultimate security.

Your IP/Server Reputation

If the server you are hosted on is caught sending spam or hosting malware then the possibilities are that its IP address is going to get blacklisted. That’s bad news for you because that can harshly influence a variety of factors from email deliverability to your search ranking.

Website IP reputation

Before buying any web hosting plan, you should make certain that they aren’t blacklisted in your region or somewhere else otherwise you could end up endangering the integrity and credibility of your website. It is your responsibility to do your inquiry before signing up for any web hosting service to evade being penalized by search engines.

Bad Customer Support

If you’re not getting a sufficient enough level of support from your provider then you should consider moving. You need to feel convinced that you will be carried through any problems you may encounter in the future so you should think how much confidence you have in your current provider to come up with a solution. For that, you must be familiar with boundaries of web hosting support.

customer support in web hosting - Determine Outgrown Web Hosting

And if you start feeling that your current hosting provider is not efficient to provide you with essentials of service. It may be time for a new hosting plan or you can transfer your website to a new host safely and easily.

Business Growth

And yes, last but not least. One of the biggest signs that you have an outgrown web hosting is your business has remarkably expanded. Obviously, if your business grows continuously, it will lead you towards more website traffic and ultimately you will require more bandwidth usage.

Business expansion is one of the factors to determine outgrown web hosting

If you were previously on a shared hosting plan, maybe it’s time to upgrade on a dedicated hosting that comes with numerous advantages for your business.

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