How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website?

How to Add Google AdSense to Your WordPress Website?

If you want to monetize your website, Google AdSense is the best tool to get started. It is the best way that allows you to automatically sell your website’s advertisement space to advertisers and make money. Google AdSense is the most simple and prevalent way to get paid through your website and in this article, we will show you how to add Google AdSense to your website with some tips to increase your earnings.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising network operated by Google that gives bloggers and website owners a chance to earn money by displaying text, image, video or any other interactive advertisement on their websites. These ads are targeted by site content and audience, so they’re extremely compatible.

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is hassle-free because you don’t have to deal with advertisers or bother about negotiating payment. Google manages and maintains relations with advertisers. They receive the amount, take their administration fee, and transfer the rest of the payment to you.

AdSense allows cost-per-click ads (CPC) which implies that you make money every time a user clicks on the ad on your website. The amount earned per click depends on a variety of factors.

Add Google AdSense to your website

Add Google AdSense to your website

First of all, you need to do is sign up for Google AdSense account. If you have a Gmail account, then you can use this account to sign up. Once you have submitted the signup application, you have to wait for a few hours to a few weeks (depending on the publisher) for the AdSense team to review it.

Once it is approved, then you can log in to your AdSense account and get your ad code. This is the code that you have to place on your website to display ads.

Recently, Google AdSense revealed auto ads, which involve you paste just one piece of code and Google automatically determines when, where, and how many ads to show on each page.

Though, most administrators are still using the manual system to separately place ads on their website. In this article, we will show you both ways to do it.

Manually add Google AdSense code

Adding AdSense account to your website

You have to start by clicking on the Ads menu in the left column and then turning to the ‘By ad unit’ tab. From here you have to click on ‘Create New Ad’.

You will be required to pick an ad type. You can choose from ‘Display ads’, ‘In-feed ads’, and ‘In-article ads’.

After that, you need to give a name for this ad unit and choose the ad size and type. The name of the Ad is only used for internal objectives, so you can rename it.

The next selection is picking the Ad Size. While Google allows a large variety of ad sizes, several sizes are placed under recommended because those are the most prevalent among publishers.

You can also pick whether you need your ad to be responsive or fixed. We suggest picking responsive ads as they run fine on all devices and screen sizes.

Next, click on the Create button to continue.

AdSense will now generate the ad code for you. It includes the unique ad unit ID and your publisher ID.

Where to add Google AdSense on the website?

How to aad Google AdSense code?

You need to decide where you desire to display the ad on your website. Ads are most usually displayed in the sidebar. You can add Google Adsense in your sidebar by using WordPress widgets.

Just go to Appearance » Widgets page in your WordPress admin section. Next, drag & drop the ‘Custom HTML’ widget to the relevant widget area and paste your Google AdSense code in there.

Auto-add Google AdSense code

Add Google AdSense code on WordPress website

Adding individual ads to various sections of your website needs a lot of time. To counter this, Google has launched auto-ads. This enables you to easily add one code snippet to your site and let Google AdSense figure out the highest paying location, ad-size, and type.

First login to your Google AdSense account and click on the Ads tab. After that, you have to click on the Get Code button to generate the auto-ads code. AdSense will now generate a code snippet with your publisher ID and display it on the screen. You can now copy and paste this code in a text editor.

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