How Important is Domain Age for SEO?

How Important is Domain Age for SEO?

If we sum up the discussion of is domain age important for SEO in a single word, the answer would be YES! The importance of domain age for SEO is extremely high as it is one of the factors that determine Google ranking. In this article, we will discuss how important is domain age for SEO.

Importance of domain age for SEO

It’s worth noting that domain age isn’t suggesting just to how long you have had a given domain name, but rather how long it has been since Google first indexed that domain, or marked a link to the domain. Of course just because a domain has been registered for 10 years doesn’t mean that Google considers it 10 years old — it has to have a site indexed by Google.

Importance of domain age for SEO

Why domain age is important for SEO?

Among the number of determining factors that Google weighs in deciding how to rank search engine results is the age of your domain — in simple words, how long that domain has been around. So check your domain age.

Backlinks for website

Extensive backlinks

Among the reasons why old domains run great for search engine ranking is because of quality backlinks. Backlinks are checked by search engines, giving notice to the dominance of the sites and if they are authorized, then these sites are ranked above. It would be a huge edge if work was done on the making of quality backlinks for a website.

Backlinks for website


Some domains have already gained a great reputation in their niche in the business. It is a big reward as it requires much time and struggles to build a good name when you start a website. Many firms spend years and adequate amounts of money to get big reliability and become dependable. Old domain age has already a good reputation that you want.

Credibility of website


If your domain is old it suggests that its traffic must also be meaningful. Having consistent web traffic takes money, time and effort, so purchasing an aged domain with already built heavy traffic by the former owner is a real achievement.

Traffic of your website

Risks of old domain age

Make it certain to do your proper attention on what the domain was used for earlier and conclude if you observe the domain may have ever been punished in Google. If the website did before have a penalty, possibilities are you could be in for a significant ascending SEO conflict.

Risks of old domain

Also, some website owners use several black hat SEO techniques to get a higher ranking for their domain and it takes much time to find out about them.

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