Enterprise Email Hosting

A Robust Email Solution designed for all Businesses

Why choose Enterprise Email Solution

Dedicated 30 GB email storage on all Enterprise Email Hosting accounts.

30 GB Storage

Abundant storage of 30 GB on all your email accounts

No more worrying about running out of storage space. You can now increase storage for individual accounts by buying additional storage blocks of 5 GB.

Get Additional Storage

No more worrying about running out of storage space

Design your own business signature that automatically appends to all your outgoing mail.

Signature Designer

Design your own business signature that automatically appends to all your outgoing mail

Sync your enterprise email accounts across all your devices, clients and Webmail.

POP3 & IMAP Access

Complete mobility for your email across all devices

Secure your brand's credibility with a customized email ID. Don't settle for free IDs anymore.

Your Email, Your Brand

Your email ID as yourname@yourdomain.com

Calendars & Contacts

Enterprise Collaboration – anytime, anywhere

Sync your calendar across all your devices with an ability to schedule meetings and video calls.

ClamAV Protection

Protect your business from online threats

A proven email anti-virus solution to ensure the security for your Enterprise Email solution.


Setup automated pre-written email responses to recipients

Send out an instant pre-written email to your recipient(s) when a message hits your inbox.

Anti-virus Protection

Keep your email safe from online threats

Protect your emails with anti-virus from ClamAV.

Calendar & Planner

A fully fledged calendar application to create events and make plans

A full fledged calendar application.

Enterprise Email Hosting Features

Email at Enterprise Scale

Simplify communication across your business with a unified inbox that collates messages from across your various IDs including Yahoo mail, Gmail, Hotmail and also social media accounts such as Facebook etc. Our Enterprise Email solution includes a highly intuitive user interface with rich features such as attachments, drag-and-drop features, filters, auto-reponders and forwarders.

Sidebar Widget

A sidebar for your email client that shows upcoming events for your calendar. Get live news, updates and RSS feeds directly into your inbox.

Go Mobile

Your email client includes a mobile version, designed to work on the go without the need to install a new app.


Plan and structure work efficiently with a powerful calendar that lets you set up meetings and schedule video/audio calls and review availability of team members. Balance it out with personal, shared and public calendars which sync across all devices.

Abundant Storage

Get 25 GB email storage + 5 GB file storage space in our Enterprise Email solution that is built around state-of-the-art storage devices with 99.99% uptime. Our robust storage architecture ensures that your data is always safe and available.


An auto responder is a fantastic feature setup for your email address that sends out an instant pre-written email to your recipient(s) when a message hits your inbox. You can find out more about setting up autoresponders on our knowledge base.

Enterprise Email vs other options

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Product Features

Enterprise Email Business Email G Suite
Disk Space 30 GB 5 GB 30 GB
POP & IMAP Access
Branded SSL Certificates
TLS Support
Cloudmark Email Protection Google’s proprietary
Mobile Responsive
Last Login IP
News Feed
Weather Widget
Custom Themes
Calendar Widget


What are the benefits of purchasing Enterprise Email?

Give your organization a more professional look by branding your regular email ID with your company’s domain name (example: xvz@mycompany.com) with Enterprise Email. Additionally, you also benefit from our latest hosting servers that give you the best uptime, least latency and maximum reliability. With email services on the cloud, there is no IT, hardware or software to look into and can also add email accounts as your business grows.

What are the supported email clients and protocols?

Enterprise Email supports the POP, IMAP and MAPI protocols.

How do I use my Enterprise Email's Webmail interface?

With your Enterprise Email hosting, you can use the white-labeled url: http://webmail.yourdomainname.com to access your Webmail account. On the login page, just enter your email address and password.

Which devices can I access my Webmail from?

Emails can be accessed using any smartphone, tablet or desktop. The Webmail is built on HTML 5 & Javascript and is compatible with all major OSs such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.

What is the storage space provided?

Each email account comes with 30 GB space dedicated to your emails and attachments.

What ports should I use with my Enterprise Email Hosting package?

Port 25 is used for the Outgoing Mail Server/SMTP Service. However, if your ISP is blocking Port 25 for SMTP services, then use Port 587 for sending emails.

Does the Enterprise Email Solution support mailing lists?

Yes, creating mailing lists is supported and you can also add or delete users and select a moderator. You also have the authority to restrict users from joining a list and even ban a user from a list.

What is the Enterprise Email spam policy?

We have zero tolerance towards spam. You cannot send unsolicited/bulk emails and spam. “Safe lists”, purchased lists or selling of lists will be treated as spam as well. The termination of the spammer’s account may be done with or without prior notice.