Does Mobile-Friendly Website Design Affect SEO Performance?

Does Mobile-Friendly Website Design Affect SEO Performance?

Businesses that are interested to increase their website traffic and generate new leads should have a well-built mobile-friendly website. Websites with a mobile-first design rank higher in search engine results and are more prone to be discovered by potential clients. A study concluded, more than 51% of the internet users found a product, service, or new business while searching on their smartphones. In this article, we will discuss does mobile-friendly website design affect SEO performance.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Mobile devices should be kept in mind when designing and prototyping websites, as a notable percentage of online traffic comes from mobile phones. Not like the gone days when website owners and web designers did not pay much attention to mobile design, they changed.

Google has 40,000 searches per second or about 3.5 billion searches per day. People usually rely on Google to get answers to their questions numerous times a week. They want answers to their queries and like to find solutions instantly. There is no room for flaws such as awkward designs, disordered content, or broken links.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

The first mobile device design will allow users to find the information they want on the site using any device.

What does a good mobile design look like?

Website owners should prioritize the things they want users to take, first and foremost. Users need to make certain that the first CTA they see matches your company’s main marketing goal. Companies that create a mailing list should make sure that the landing pages that collect emails do not have other links that users can click and remove from the page navigation. The only action that users have to do on the page should be the registration form.

Website design tips

Mobile users need to reorganize the menus, keeping them as simple as possible, to get immediate access to their most relevant and useful information.

Users should not scroll continually. There should be clear navigation and visible buttons that allow users to easily switch between topics. Anchor links, “back to top” buttons, and persistent navigation are useful ways for users to easily navigate your site.

Mobile-Friendly Website

It must not include interfering promotions. It’s a surefire thing to irritate users and keep them leaving your website forever. They need to add popups and ads every now and then and make sure it’s easy to ignore.

Mobile SEO is based on a neat and compatible mobile design that enables users to navigate your website smoothly. A mobile-centric design will improve engagement and conversions on your website, which in turn will improve mobile search rankings.

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