Best Website Design Trends to Follow in 2019

Best Website Design Trends to Follow in 2019

Every web designer tries to remain concerned and up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of web designing. Because when it comes to designing a web page, it’s necessary to know cutting-edge trends and consideration of modifications. So we bring you the best website design trends when you start a website that are dominant in 2019 and with their so much productivity and prevalence, it can be said that they will also be a hit in 2020 too.

Best Website Design Trends

In some years, design trends have shifted towards wild creativity dropping grids and regular stock photos for lively illustrations, bright color schemes, and asymmetrical layouts. Other years, technological progress has led to websites growing more stylish, with machine learning and detailed intercommunications, and those shifting models have inspired design trends. Also you need best SEO WordPress themes to make your website more engaging.

Best Website Design Trends

Everything from design to colors, typography to white space, and everything in between, no design element has been dropped out of the best website design trends of 2019. 

Serifs on Screen

You might have heard the rule that serifs are for print and sans serifs are for the screen.

While sans, with its neat readability, is still the go-to for longer sessions of website image, more and more names are shifting towards striking serifs in other features of their designs such as headers and callouts.

Serifs on Screen - website trends

There’s a solid reason for this: serifs were created to be embellishing, making them ideal for focus. And even though serifs are often connected with the past, they have lots of character and are more versatile than you might think.

Drop Shadows and Depth

Using shadows is now old, therefore why mention it? Even though shadows are a staple of web design for a vital time, by the progress of web browsers, people eventually see a few exciting alternatives.

One of the most seductive design difficulties across most mediums is building depth when three dimensions are not available. While flat design can be dull and wearisome, to fight this, it is our job to build designs that pop out of the page.

Drop Shadows and Depth - web design trends

For years, designers have been creating the illusion of depth by using a conventional method called drop shadows. Using this method makes design elements look to hover over the page, jumping out and earning more attention. But, together with grids and parallax layouts, web designers are now doing great with shadows significantly more than to make depth and also the illusion of the world past the screen. This really can be an instant response to the flat design trend which has been generally prevalent in recent years.

Black and White Palettes

Though, color is one of the most significant factors in a website. It develops a feeling, unites a brand and leads users through an interface by creating visual landmarks. In 2019, we have seen bold black-and-white web design making powerful records.

Black and White Palettes - web designing trends

When color is absent, we begin to perceive the world differently: textures and shapes become more apparent, and the world seems noticeably slower. White by itself is neat and maintained whereas black is powerful and aggressive. Mix these and you get a collectively attractive look. You can take a look at that is a good example of this prevailing trend.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Smartphone browsing has properly excelled in desktop computers. Now, so many people do online shopping using a smartphone. Just a decade ago, this was a development of action that not everyone had access to do.

Designers were becoming disconcerted: Just how precisely can we get a good menu, submenu, along with submenu onto a screen? Now, due to the great Smartphones, UI design has developed.

Mobile-Friendly web Design

You may need to abandon large, amazing photos your client sends you from the Smartphone. However, icons are way more effective concerning space and have come to be so widespread that a person doesn’t have any difficulty understanding what they mean.

Glitch Art

No list of cool website design trends would be complete without some form of retro design making its revival. In the case of glitch art, it’s retro went wrong—those times when a crinkled film or a slow dial-up connection directed to a distorted if accidentally striking, image.

Glitch Art for website design

Glitches are important in our modern times when computers are so prevalent. Hence, the collapse of technology makes for engaging discussion matter both as an opinion and in its design accomplishment, where it can attract the viewer’s eye to those parts of the site that are warped, double exposed and defective.

Glitch art increases this sense of disorientation by giving websites a sharply mind-blowing look.

Overlapping Design Elements

Coming close to the split grid layouts and imbalance, having objects overlap each other can make a visual engagement to particular types of content on a page. This can produce an element of the amazing as we’ve become habitual to details on a web page having their own space and separate from the components around them.

Overlapping Design Elements

When made with precise attention, the trend of overlapping elements on a page can help improve the overall appearance of the website. But one should keep this in mind that it can also be tricky to execute giving the mobile-first world we live in, as overlapping elements if not managed well can cause trouble and disappointment of users when elements overlap in the incorrect ways.

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