Best Website Design Tips to Get Maximum Output

Best Website Design Tips to Get Maximum Output

If you own a website, you will wish to get maximum performance and output from it. This is especially true if you have an e-commerce website, you want to get more traffic to your website for reasonably long periods and to make purchases. All of this comes after a proper plan. You must make your website easy to use for every potential customer. And here are some website design tips to do so.

Website Design Tips

In this article, we will discuss some best website design tips that have a significant impact on your website visitors and make them interesting to make a purchase.

Keep your webpage fast loading

Website speed

First of all, it is important for any website owner to understand that web users are impatient. So don’t lose your potential customers by forcing them to wait through JavaScript-enabled introductions or QuickTime movies before they can enter your site. Always provide a “Skip” or “Stop” button when using these elements to speed up a website.

Avoid dead-end pages

Website Design Tips

It is an ideal choice to always offer your clients a way out of a page. This could mean including a link to the main page on every page. Users are growing more habitual of a navigation bar that links to all the segments of a site, and company logos that act as a navigation link to the home page. You can also give text links on each page for going to “Top of page” or “Back.”

Avoid excessive use of graphics and animations

User-friendly website

If they are not meant for a specific goal or functionality, don’t use graphics, animation, movies, sounds, and stuff like that. Only use these features if they improve your user experience. Product pictures are usually helpful enhancements to your site, but you might need to minimize the delays they could cause in load times by using thumbnail (small) images. You can link these thumbnail images to larger, more detailed images for clients who are interested in having a closer look. You can also add some extra features that allow users to zoom in on features or rotate the view of the product.

Avoid designing for a specific browser

Cross browser website

Again it is a best practice to avoid designing for a particular browser or trying to force a specific look. Some web designers make extensive use of detailed formatting tricks in a resolute effort to compel a client program into building a specific visual rendering. These pages look great when viewed with the author’s browser of choice, but may look inadequate in most or all other browsers. So design for all the prominent browsers.

Provide a text option

Website Design Tips

Browser choices enable users to turn off graphics if they want, and those who are using older browsers may not have the capability to view all images. So provide text links or alternative text tags in addition to graphics, including navigational buttons or bars.

Delay registration

Register form of a website

There can be several reasons for asking your website visitors to register to your website, but it’s a best practice to not put your registration form on the first page and offend them from the very start. Present your content first; demonstrate that registration has its benefits before you ask visitors to spend their time on it.

Make your forms flexible

Purchase order form

Online forms are usually important and helpful for placing an order or setting up accounts. But try to make your forms manageable by limiting the number of required fields. Also, make errors easy to find and correct. If users have incorrectly entered a phone number, they shouldn’t need to fill the entire form again. Just make them correct the part with the error, which should be highlighted to make the error obvious. Include a “Help” link in case clients face any problems while filling out a form. It’s just not important for people to take time to learn how to make something work on your site when there are millions of other sites to visit.

Provide a clear path to purchase

Add to Cart

Display your products, descriptions, and prices clearly. If you’re going to talk about a product your firm sells, describe how to order it. Many websites are guilty of not sufficiently revealing product and pricing information or making it obvious how to buy their products.

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