Best SSL Certificates for Your e-Commerce Website

Best SSL Certificates for Your e-Commerce Website

In case you are wondering about the best SSL certificates for an e-commerce website, you will find hundreds of options available in the market. But the question is how to choose the best SSL certificate for your business or e-commerce website? In this article, we will give you a short brief on what is SSL certificate, why do you need one, and what are the best SSL certificates when you start a website.

Best SSL certificates for e-commerce website

What is an SSL certificate?

Now you are already in the field of this wide web, you surely have heard about the term SSL certificates and noticed the secured address bar (https) on many websites like government agencies, banks, etc. For online customers, this verification guarantees that their data is protected and their transactions are safe. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a cryptography method that assists to build an encrypted link between the client and the server through a symmetric key. This method, the encryption can protect sensitive information while it is being transferred over the web.

What is an SSL certificate?

Why do you need SSL Certificates?

There could be a lot of factors that affect the success of an e-commerce website and among them; SSL certificates are essential and effective at the same time. SSL is a broadly used asset for e-commerce websites that deal in an online transaction with clients and save sensitive data like credit card data, personal information of customers, etc.

Why do you need SSL Certificates?

The two main reasons to use SSL certificates are as follow:

Data Protection

Clear enough, every client and visitor in an e-commerce store will need to keep their information secret. While they would be asked to use usernames, passwords, credit card information, addresses, etc. and unsecured encryption would mean that the risks of identity stealing increases. It is the responsibility of the dealer to provide a perfectly secure experience for the clients.

Why do you need SSL Certificates?

Building Trust

Internet security has always been a great concern among users. Every day we learn some sort of identity thefts and hacking. Users consequently have become more cautious and will only buy products and services from a website that gives a level of security and protection. SSL Certification is like a security permit and inspires trust among customers.

Data Protection

Best SSL certificates for e-commerce website

The solution to getting the best SSL certificate for e-commerce website is that there are three validation levels. All SSL certificates come with primary encryption for your website. They all will also change your site address to start with https rather than http. However, there are three levels of SSLs that correspond to the amount of protection the certificate presents. The three levels include DV (Domain Validation) for blogs and personal sites, OV (Organization Validation) for small businesses and educational institutes, and the third one is EV (Extended Validation) for large businesses, agencies, and e-commerce sites with sensitive data.

Why do you need SSL Certificates?

Given below are the best SSL certificates for your website:

Comodo SSL

Comodo SSL is an extremely affordable SSL certificate provider. Much of that achievement has been the outcome of very competitive pricing, with a DV level ‘Positive SSL’ Certification costing just $7.27 (£5.5) currently for four years. A ‘Premium’ SSL solution only costs $56.06 (£42.4) for four years. That package comprises a fully certified certificate, 256-bit encryption and a $250,000 (£189,000) relying on party warranty.

Best SSL certificates for e-commerce website - Comodo SSL

Entrust Datacard

Entrust is providing best SSL certificates for e-commerce website and was created while keeping in mind the following security products: ID card printers, authentication systems, credit card printers, and a PKI are all amongst its product ranges. With so much advanced in secure systems, SSL certificates are rated as one of its strongest contributions. Clients particularly like the capacity to maintain various certificates across multiple domains from a management console.

Entrust SSL certificates

Prices start at $174 (£130) per year for its Standard SSL single site product, rising to $609 (£450) for a Wildcard SSL covering unlimited servers and subdomains.


You might have heard this name as a web hosting provider, but GoDaddy is also a certified provider of SSL certificates. Rather than offering DV, OV and EV certification at various prices, they all cost the same comparatively low price. The pricing structure is rather based on a single site, multiple sites, or a domain with full subdomain cover.

Best SSL certificates for e-commerce website - GoDaddy

Currently a single site, (DV, OV or EV level) costs $79.99 (£63.5) per year, and the all level domain solution is only $369.99 (£294) per year (at the moment you get 20% off for the first year).

 Network Solutions

In some aspects, Network Solutions is similar to GoDaddy in a way that both of these companies are providing a wide range of web-related services, like domain names and e-commerce solutions, an SSL certificate isn’t their only focus.

Network solutions SSL certificates

What might surprise clients is this company’s pricing, with a primary cost that starts at $59.99 (£45.5) with a 2-year duration for a single site, increasing to $403 (£309) for an EV level certificate that should be issued within five working days.


RapidSSL is owned by GeoTrust which is another provider of SSL certificates. The difference between the two is that GeoTrust is focused on large businesses while RapidSSL is created for small businesses that are more cost-sensitive.

Best SSL certificates for e-commerce website - RapidSSL

For just $17.95 (£13.6) per year, RapidSSL will provide a single domain certificate with 128/256-bit encryption with a browser recognition that surpasses 99%. A wildcard certificate that includes unlimited subdomains is $149 (£113) per year; also it includes a $10,000 (£7,500) warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. comes with strong services and customer support with a big edge of aggressive pricing which considers those ready to invest for longer periods than a year. - SSL certificates provider

A single domain level certificate starts at $49 (£36) per year but can be as low as $36.75 (£28) per annum if purchased for five years. If you have a small or starting business and interested in certification, is an ideal place to start.

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