Best Payment Gateways/Processors for e-Commerce WordPress Store

Best Payment Gateways/Processors for e-Commerce WordPress Store

We often give a lot of attention to our business but little did we try to choose the best payment gateways for e-commerce WordPress store. Getting sales is, of course, an essential element in any business, but it is just as essential to provide your customers with easy payment methods so that they can easily add to cart your services.

What is the Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a web-based plan created to receive and process payments such as credit and debit cards. If you’re planning to trade products and services on online business, you will need a payment gateway to do so efficiently.

What is the Payment Gateway?

Types of Payment Gateway

Before choosing the best payment gateway for an e-commerce website, it is necessary to know the types of payment gateways and which one is suitable for your WordPress store. There are two basic types of gateways: Redirect and Direct.

A redirect gateway is one where a client will have to leave your site to pay. They will be sent to an outside page to process a payment. In most cases, a buyer is redirected to the company’s site that runs the gateway.

On the other hand, a direct gateway manages payments on your site only and a buyer doesn’t need to leave your site to process a payment.

Types of Payment Gateway

Redirect method is, therefore, a better payment gateways choice if you don’t want to manage the critical tasks like keeping an eye on your site’s security because getting hacked could mean all your customers’ credit card and personal data gets stolen. Using the best SSL certificates for your e-commerce website is another great option to add security to your online business.

Payment Gateways/Processors for e-Commerce website

Best Payment Gateways for e-Commerce Store

So now you are familiar with the payment gateways and its importance, let’s move towards the best payment gateways for an e-commerce website that can bring ease in purchasing for your customers. You can combine these gateways for free or as a premium upgrade with most WordPress e-commerce payment gateway plugins. They’re also all available as premium gateways for WooCommerce. Although, some of the choices are free and others have a fee linked with them.

Best Payment Gateways for e-Commerce Store


Established in 2010, Stripe has grown to be one of the largest names in the payment gateway industry. This achievement can be credited to Stripe’s focus on simple e-commerce integration and its anti-fraud and security protocols. WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway is free on the WordPress plugin exchange, thanks to WooCommerce, and currently has over 400,000 active installations.

Stripe Payment Gateways

This plugin allows a simple and protected setup. With a tested Stripe account, retailers can get API keys from the Stripe dashboard. API keys can be entered into the Stripe interface on the WordPress backend, which will finish the setup. Customers will then be capable to pay for orders using debit or credit cards. Stripe also allows Apple and Google Pay.


PayPal WordPress plugin has also been developed by WooCommerce: WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway. Currently, this plugin has over 70,000 active installations, making it the most extensively used payment processor plugin on WordPress. 

PayPal Payment Processor

The set up for traders is similar to that required with Stripe’s plugin. API Keys can be collected via PayPal’s backend and will need to be entered in the PayPal interface on the WordPress backend.

Once initiated, this plugin will allow customers a simple and useful PayPal checkout experience.


2checkout is a payment processing service whose main focus is having a broad global reach, customizable checkouts, high-level security, and easy integration. Businesspeople who want to sign up with 2Checkout are directed to a verification process that needs proof of business address.

2Checkout Payment Gateways

Once sign up is finished, dealers will have access to a sales management dashboard that combines with their store, and gives a variety of reports and features. These include sales, inventory and shipping reports, as well as webhooks which give notifications for big order-related events.

WordPress plugins for processing Card and PayPal transactions can be downloaded from 2Checkout’s Github repository, where installation guides can also be found.


Founded in 2007 and was owned by PayPal in 2013, the Braintree WordPress plugin was developed by WooCommerce and currently has over 80,000 active installations.

Braintree Payment Gateways for online business

This plugin allows payment by card or PayPal, a safe saving of payment details for clients, support for recurring billing, support for currency switching, access to refund processing within WooCommerce for dealers, and support for a variety of other e-commerce related plugins. symbolizes itself as a trustable partner to dealers, to whom it allows a series of suitable payment solutions for storefronts, mobile devices, and websites.

The e-commerce pricing plans start at $25 per month. Integration with WooCommerce needs a similar process to that explained with previous plugins in this article. Payment for e-commerce website

As soon as the WooCommerce plugin is activated, an payment option will appear on the store checkout. Customers can then pay using’s safe servers and can easily pay by card, PayPal, or Apple/Google Pay.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is available for free through the WooCommerce website. Once it is activated, this plugin allows clients a ‘Pay via Amazon’ button at the checkout. If selected, buyers will be able to pay for their orders using Amazon’s secure servers, and with the details that are saved on their Amazon account.

Amazon pay Payment Gateways

Amazon Pay is currently available to customers in limited countries.

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