Security to your dedicated server

Adding Security to Your Dedicated Server

Data security is always an ongoing concern and you can never be sure about the vulnerabilities. Unluckily, websites of all scopes and sizes are being targeted every day but if you have a dedicated server you are better off in terms of security than the counterparts. However, there are some useful steps you can take to enhance your security protocols wherever possible.

Security to your dedicated server

Keep Things Up-to-Date

The first and foremost step is the regular checking of updates and patches. You have to rely on your own self or any professional employee but don’t make yourself dependent on the software to let you know when an update is available. The idea is to check for updates once a week manually, so ultimately being proactive will ensure that updates are installed as soon as possible once they become available. Thus it will minimize the chance of malware attack on the website.

Only Use Trusted Networks

Using the trusted and authentic networks while entering hosting credentials is key inline of protection. For that, you need to avoid logging into your hosting account by a public wireless networks or different other unsecured network. Furthermore, make sure that after you, any other person in-charge makes sure to follow such procedure.

Opt for DDoS Protection

DDoS attacks commonly faced by web hosting servers. Therefore, it has never been a better time to have DDoS protection added to your dedicated hosting account. And if you don’t, protecting and preventing the illegitimate traffic flooding becomes really difficult. Thus, DDoS protection plan will provide an added layer of protection that essentially “filters” through your traffic to ensure that only legitimate visitors are allowed in.

Back Up Data Regularly

Even when you take all the security precautions you can, it’s possible for attacks and other security vulnerabilities to occur. With this in mind, it’s always a good idea to have a backup plan in place. Specifically, you should be taking the time to back up all your most important data at least once a week, and perhaps more. This way, if something were to happen to your site, you could at least restore it to its previous state with the backup data you have saved.

Consider a Managed Server

One of the best things you can do for yourself is actually to consider a managed server instead. With a managed server, you’ll have your own administrator who will handle all the important aspects of protecting your security. From installing updates to backing up data regularly, these admins can save you a lot of time and hassle.

These are just a few of the most important steps you can take to boost security on your dedicated server. If you’re not already following these guidelines, now is the time to implement them as a part of your everyday server and website maintenance tasks.

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